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* What is a Compact 4WD*

A Compact 4WD is a vehicle that has been designed and built around a passenger vehicle base and has limited 4wd or AWD capacity included. These vehicles are also refered to as Compact Crossover 4WD Vehicles meaning they are built to the manufacturers specific compact platform.

  •     Do you drive a “compact 4wd” ?  
  •    Do you want to join a club and meet people with the same interests,  have the advantage of safety in numbers when travelling off road, share experiences and skills.
  •    Do you want to be in a club that caters for similar vehicles to your own.

Then this is for you.


The Compact 4WD Club of WA has been set up specifically for compact 4WD’s and small 4WD’s.

 and all trips are planned and run for those vehicles


Membership Requirements:

Attend 2 trips & 2 meetings as a visitor prior to applying for membership

Your membership vehicle must be a Compact 4WD

Only membership vehicles are allowed on club trips


There is no cost to attend a trip as a visitor unless we are entering an area or event that has charges involved, then you are responsible for your own costs.


Membership is $100.00 per vehicle per year

payable with your application for membership

Membership year is July 1st - June 30th


Membership is subject to approval by the clubs committee


A minimum of 3 trips and 4 meetings are required to maintain membership after joining, per membership year.


If you are interested in being part of this club and would like more information

Please Email: compact4wdwa@yahoo.com.au


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